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Importance of Social Communication: 9 Things you’re forgetting to do

What is the importance of social communication?

Social communication is an essential part of any relationship. People communicate for many reasons, such as sharing information, expressing feelings, conveying opinions, making decisions together, and much more. Communication helps us build relationships by understand one another better and hence, forming a connection. Therefore, the importance of social communication plays a significant role in our lives. Yet, we may forget its value. In this article, I will explain the keystones of social communication and how we can inculcate it in our lives. 


Listening is a skill that can be learned and practised. It is the most important and effective way to build rapport, trust and long-lasting relationships.

Listening is a way of showing respect, interest, and empathy towards others. When someone speaks to you, they’re not always trying to get their point across or even get some advice; they’re also trying to process what they are saying by speaking it out loud. Hence, now is the right time to craft your listening skill.

Asking questions

Asking questions shows curiosity and is a great way to learn from others.Here are some tips on how to have a conversation that allows you to understand each other:

    -Ask open-ended questions that allow your audience an opportunity to expand on their answers and share more information about themselves or their situation. 

For example:  What has your journey been like so far? How did you grow your business?

    -Avoid asking personal questions before building rapport. Once you are in conversation and have built trust, ask for permission before asking anything that could be even slightly personal for someone.

For example: “Do youe have children?” If you don’t mind me asking, where do you live? May I ask you what made you leave your job and start your business?


As social creatures, to build connections, we need to be able to open up. The importance of communication in social life is the best way to learn and grow as a person. When we are in the presence of people, there’s no better way to engage with them than by talking about something that commonly interests both people. 

For example:

    -Talk about your favourite game or movie.

    -Talk about sports—were you able to catch the game last night? What do you think about the X team’s performance since they won last night.

– Open up about your challenges at work and perhaps seek for advice.

Acknowledging your own mistakes

We may every now and then say something we didn’t mean to be hurtful or inappropriate. However, in such situations, a great way to show a fellow human you care is by acknowledging your mistake and apologizing for it.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation

Expressing gratitude and appreciation is the most seamlessly way to build relationships. When you are grateful and appreciative, you become more respected and liked by others too.

Greeting people

 One of the most important things you can do to improve your social skills is to greet people. Greet people with a smile, a handshake, a warm hug or a simple good morning!. It will make for a  pleasant experience for both parties. 

Staying in touch

It is essential to stay in touch with others. Take the initiative to check in on them every now and then, you may unknowingly make a difference in their lives by simply being helpful and supportive.

Being open to feedback and new ideas

Everyone knows something we don’t, so listen to others and take in their ideas, opinions, and suggestions. Be open-minded in order to seek new opportunities that you didn’t see coming up before.


The importance of social communication is about building a long-lasting connection and relationship with people who exist in our life already and those who are yet to come. It is a way of showing you care., While we have shared the tools with you to build successful connections, you now require practice and patience from your own will.

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