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About Me

Certified Life Coach

Ankita Jagtiani

Life & Youth Leadership Coach

Observed the challenges of working in an organization as a millennial.

Having worked in the Events & Hospitality Industry, both being high-pressure industries, I observed the challenges freshers, first time leaders and high-potential leaders faced. I observed behaviours, attrition rates and deep-dived into finding solutions for the challenges the employees and companies face

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Life Coaching

At Ankita Jagtiani Coaching, I empower people to progress in their lives to attain greater fulfilment and improve their quality of life.

As a life coach, I help you with clear goal setting, identify the obstacles holding you back and enable you to come up with strategies to achieve you goals. The central focus of these strategies is to target your unique skills & abilities and hone those further. This way you make the most of your strengths and I provide the perspective and support you need to achieve long term change.
These are mainly individual sessions.
Group sessions can be conducted on select themes.

Personal Development Coach

Youth Leadership Coaching

As a Youth Leadership Coach, high-potential employees and supporting team members get tailored help from me to enable them to achieve personal and professional goals, while, developing a leadership mindset.

I address the challenges these leaders face by engaging in individual or group coaching sessions, that are curated, personalised and engaging. The sessions equip the attendees with the skills they require to be the best leaders they can be.

Group & Individual sessions for corporates, SMSEs, law firms and companies across industries looking at developing effective leaders across levels.


Leadership Sessions for Teams and Organizations

POSH Consultant

As a POSH Consultant, I am dedicated to guiding corporates, SMSEs, and law firms with specialised POSH awareness sessions and training. 

My expertise as a certified POSH trainer lies in creating customised, interactive sessions that deeply resonate with participants, fostering a comprehensive understanding of POSH.  

These sessions are designed to not only educate but also empower employees at all levels, cultivating a workplace environment that is both respectful and inclusive. 

My commitment is to facilitate organisational growth by enhancing awareness and fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding.

POSH Consultant

ADHD Coaching

As an ADHD coach, I specialise in guiding individuals with ADHD to harness their unique strengths. Through personalised one-on-one sessions, I empower clients to develop habits to support them in strengthening their executive functions like their working memory, planning & prioritisation, organising, time management, emotional regulation, self-control, attention amongst other difficulties that they face.. 

My approach integrates ADHD coaching strategies, ensuring each session is designed to understand and positively leverage the traits of the individual.

As your ADHD coach, I’m committed to helping you unlock your full potential, and develop the skills necessary for your personal and professional success, fostering a resilient, positive mindset.


Why You Should Choose Ankita Jagtiani as Your Life Coach


Started my journey as a Life Coach & Entrepreneur at 25. Worked for 7 years before that in high-stress industries. I have worked my way up in an industry which was supportive of my age, although where clients weren’t but I was able to make a difference and that changed my standing in the industry. I understand how you feel – with my very own journey of personal and professional challenges that I used to my stride and overcame.

The Power of Choice

Life has taught me that we are always at a crossroads of choice. Through extensive conversations and the application of diverse coaching tools, I’ve embraced the responsibility to lead by example. This realisation has been pivotal in my development as a mentor, driving me to inspire others to choose leadership over victimhood.

Deep Dive into the Root cause and then Solutions

My approach revolves around diving deeper into the root causes of challenges. By thoroughly understanding what’s causing the issue, We’ll be able to tailor solutions that make a real difference. This deep dive isn’t just about surface-level fixes; it’s about creating a lasting transformation that resonates on both personal and organisational levels.

Four Steps to Your Success

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I curate a personalised a module for you/ your team

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A life coach works in partnership with clients towards achieving their personal and professional goals, offering support, accountability, and strategies to overcome obstacles and make meaningful life changes.In simple terms, a Life Coach helps you LEVEL UP!

    A life coach offers direction, inspiration, and accountability, helping people define and achieve their goals both personally and professionally, navigating obstacles, and attaining their full potential. A coach looks at you as the expert of your life and guides you to find answers and solutions that will work wonders for you. A life coach will not give advice but instead, make you understand and find your power within. In simple terms, WE MAKE YOU BELIEVE IN YOU!

    When we begin our professional journey, we may find ourselves to feel a little lost. That’s where I come in as a Youth Leadership Coach, I work with mid-to-senior management employees in various companies to help them build a strong foundation to be leaders, their teams want to work with.The youth leadership training program aims to help young individuals develop leadership skills, confidence, and the ability to effectively communicate, make decisions, and positively influence their communities. In simple terms, YOU FEEL EMPOWERED AND EMPOWER OTHERS!

    POSH training is extremely important, as it is a legal requirement mandated by Indian law for organisations with 10 or more employees. POSH training educates employers on how to comply with the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013, talks about what is welcome and unwelcome behaviour and thus, encouraging safe workplaces through awareness and processes taught by experts. In simple words, MAKE YOUR WORKPLACE SAFE!

    ADHD coaching is a personalised intervention that helps individuals manage their ADHD by strengthening their executive functions namely – developing organisational skills, goal setting, and strategies for focus and motivation, in order to live a less overwhelming and a more fulfilled life. A trained ADHD coach has the knowledge and expertise that helps them understand their clients better. In simple words, If you have ADHD, I CAN HELP YOU!

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