How to practice gratitude daily

4 Easy Ways on How to Practice Gratitude Daily

The concept of practicing gratitude is a way of experiencing a positive change in life. Your ability to look at the good and appreciate and acknowledge that part of your life. People often make the mistake of thinking that it is something we do in addition to our regular activities. But gratitude is not something we do as a chore, it’s a change in lifestyle that positively builds us up over time. Gratitude is an attitude, and like all attitudes, it takes practice to cultivate it and effort to maintain it. So, how to start daily gratitude practice? What are the ways you can practice gratitude? Let us understand the ways to practice gratitude and why is it necessary:

4 Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude 

  •  FEEL-

Feel gratitude in your body: Take a moment to be aware of where you are right now while reading this article. Notice if there’s any tension or discomfort in your muscles (if so, try stretching them out). Notice if there are any sounds around us—maybe birds chirping outside or someone talking nearby—and listen until you hear them clearly later on today!

Feel gratitude in your heart: This can be tricky because it relies heavily on emotions rather than physical sensations. But try to look inwardly at how much love surrounds your life at this exact moment. Maybe you see love in the form of a family member who has always been there during hard times, or it’s through friends who provides you comfort when you need it the most. 

Gratitude is a way of appreciating what you have, not just what you want. Ask yourself, “what am I grateful for?” It will help you focus on the things that already exist in your lives, and you can acknowledge those things and move forward in a happier state of mind!


You might think that the key to living a more grateful life is to do big things, like visiting exotic places or volunteering for worthy causes. But when it comes down to it, it’s often the small moments of appreciation that change everything. For example, you can appreciate how your favorite coffee shop knows your order by heart. You can appreciate that someone just held the door open for you. You can appreciate all of those seemingly unimportant moments throughout your day because they make up what would otherwise be an ordinary one—and these simple moments in our day are exactly what form who we are today and who we become tomorrow!


Here are two tips you can express your gratitude to others:

Make a list of people who helped you in life. write down what they did for you and how that impacted your life. If it’s more than one person, write down what each individual did and how it affected you. Then thank each person out loud or in writing- depending on their preferences. And tell them why their actions were so important to your life. Attitude isn’t just about thinking, it is truly impactful when put into practice.

Have a gratitude journal where every day or week, record something that made you happy or grateful during the past 24 hours or week. It will remind you of all the good things in your life when times get tough.


The act of meditation can help you develop a positive outlook. It’s a way to quiet your mind, and when you do that, it becomes easier to see the good in people and situations. While practicing gratitude meditation, bring all your attention to the present moment and focus on what makes you happy. 

If you want to be more thankful for what you have, you need to first appreciate it. When you are in a state of gratitude and appreciation, you feel happier. And if you practice gratitude daily and make it a habit, then happiness will become your default state of mind. So now you have got familiar with how to practice gratitude daily, then step right in to experience the difference in your life. 

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