Inferiority complex & 7 ways how to overcome it

Boring, yes. But smart- oh yes. These terms are used interchangeably; complexity is the same as inferiority, although it is also a common excuse for why we can never be good enough at whatever it is we do in life. Both of these words point to a person’s inability to deal with new information or with life itself in general. A person has feelings of inferiority when they attribute their inadequacies and shortcomings to others who are smarter than they are. A complex person is upset by the idea that they can’t understand something easily or quickly, because their mind is blank or overactive in trying to make sense of everything around them.

Why does an inferiority complex happen?

Inferiority Complex happens because you are comparing yourself to the people around you. You feel insufficient and tend to be insecure about your skills and abilities.

An inferiority complex is a feeling of inadequacy that can happen to anyone. The feeling can arise from several factors, including the perception that you are not good enough at something. It may be based on your self-perception or how others perceive you.

7 ways how to solve an inferiority complex:

  1. Self-awareness: Spend time learning about yourself as self-love will help you to know this Dive deep and figure out where your inferiority stems from. Identify your strengths and use them to help improve yourself in areas where you feel an inferiority complex. Learn to understand what others think about you and why they have these views, as well as why they behave in a certain way towards you. Doing this will assist you to overcome inferiority..
  1. Fact-check your feelings of inferiority complex: The next time you’re feeling down and about yourself, take a moment to check your facts. If someone said something that triggered feelings of self-doubt, ask yourself what was their intention. Is there more than one way of looking at it? If you’re not sure what someone meant, it’s probably because you’re feeling uncertain. The wisest course of action in such a situation is to address your feelings at that moment so they don’t linger through the day or time to come.
  1. Surround yourself with positive thoughts: Inferiority complex is a challenge many successful people also deal with. People who have low self-esteem tend to be surrounded by negative thoughts. You must surround yourself with thoughts and people who make you feel empowered, are honest with you and are comfortable being vulnerable in front of you so you can really question your thoughts. l
  1. Let go of perfection: When we feel like we have to be perfect all the time, we feel stressed and anxious, which can cause us to act in ways that aren’t helpful or even harmful.

 Perfection = Pressure, Efforts = Excellence

  1. Show yourself compassion: Compassion is key to overcoming an inferiority complex. We often tend to think that we are not good enough or capable enough. Try to appreciate the things you have and let go of any negative thoughts that might arise. 

Kindness+acting on kindness= compassion.

  1. Engage in constructive self-talk: For this transformation to take place, you must engage in constructive self-talk. It means that instead of saying things like “I am so stupid,” or “I am such an idiot,” try saying things like “I am doing great!” or “I am amazing!” It will help build your confidence and make you feel better about yourself! 


YOU have the power to choose how to think. You have the power to decide how you feel. Because there will always be someone smarter, better looking, more successful, has a better job, and so on. However, you may never even think but they may also experience feelings of inferiority from time to time. But what prevents suffering? The inferiority complex solution is simple- to realize that this isn’t what defines your identity and worth as a person because it doesn’t determine the kind of person you are inside. And the good news is that it can be resolved by practicing the above methods.

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